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Ibiza on PUBG

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Jord van Geldere is a Dutch professional player better known as “Ibiza”.

He joined the Liquid team in January 2018 and is also a PUBG streamer on Twitch.

Ibiza is the recent winner of the 3rd season of the GLL. He won with a squad constituted of his Liquid team partners: jeemzz, Mista, Jembty and Sambty.

Ibiza PUBG setup



Ibiza PUBG mouse sensitivity and settings

Mouse DPI1600
Polling Rate1000 Hz
Vertical sensitivity1.00

Ibiza PUBG video settings

Refresh Rate144 Hz
Anti-AliasingVery low
Post-processingVery low
ShadowsVery low
EffectsVery low
FoliageVery low
View distanceVery low

Ibiza PUBG setup analysis

Ibiza is a deadly accurate PUBG player especially at close and medium range. He often plays Solos on stream and he reaches the top spots or bring the chicken dinner most of the time.

Ibiza can also play with a team as he is an excellent squadmate. He communicates very efficiently and has good positioning.

Ibiza Mouse

Ibiza’s mouse is the Logitech G Pro Wireless. Many pros consider this mouse to be one of the best on the market. It is light and its sensor is extremely accurate. Its small size is also perfect for players who like to use a Fingertip grip. The wireless mode allows Ibiza to perform quick moves on PUBG without being bothered by any wire.

Ibiza Keyboard

Ibiza uses a Corsair K63. This compact wireless keyboard is great for profesionnal PUBG players who are looking for a TenKeyLess design. Its frame is made from brushed aluminum and switches are from Cherry MX for accuracy and reliability.

Ibiza Headset

Ibiza’s headset is the HyperX Cloud 2. You can use this headset during hours without any discomfort and it is perfect to detect your opponents. As you probably know, this is very important in PUBG and the Cloud 2 will give you an edge in this regard.

Ibiza Monitor

Ibiza uses a BenQ Zowie XL2411P. This monitor offers a 1080p resolution at 144 Hz and 1ms response time. It’s one of the best gaming monitor in its price range for PUBG. It is widely used in tournaments for its affordable price and performances.

Ibiza Mousepad

Ibiza’s mousepad is the Zowie P-SR. This mousepad offers an extremely smooth surface. It allows fast mouse movements and reactive flicks at close range.

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