Chocotaco PUBG settings

Chocotaco on PUBG

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Jake Throop is an American pro player better known as Chocotaco. He became a full-time streamer after leaving his job as an educator.

Chocotaco is known for his incredible performances on the PUBG game and quickly found his audience. His Youtube channel has overthan 200,000 subscribers. More than 400,000 people follow his Twitch channel.

His pseudonym refers to an ice-cream pastry. It is made from a waffle looking taco filled with vanilla ice cream, milk chocolate and peanuts.

Chocotaco PUBG setup


Chocotaco PUBG mouse sensitivity and settings

Mouse DPI800
Polling Rate1000 Hz

Chocotaco PUBG video settings

Refresh Rate165 Hz
Post-processingVery low
ShadowsVery low
EffectsVery low
FoliageVery low
View distanceVery low

Chocotaco PUBG setup analysis

Chocotaco is a PUBG streamer known for his calm and quiet attitude. He is also one of the most impressive streamers in terms of accuracy while spraying full auto, with or without weapon accessories. He can even use the Beryl reliably!

Chocotaco Mouse

Chocotaco uses a Logitech G703 mouse. This wireless right-handed mouse can be freely used on the mousepad. The light weight of the G703 makes it an ideal mouse for a player like Chocotaco on PUBG who has extraordinary recoil control skills.

Chocotaco keyboard

Chocotaco’s keyboard on PUBG is the Logitech G610. It uses Cherry MX switches unlike the more recent Logitech models which use Romer-Gs. The Logitech G610 is a reliable keyboard with reasonable customization options (macros and basic backlighting).

Chocotaco Headset

Chocotaco uses the Logitech G933 to play PUBG. These headphones are critically acclaimed for their comfort and their sound quality. They can also be used wireless for more than 12 hours without recharging.

Chocotaco Monitor

Chocotaco’s monitor is the Asus PG279Q which is one of the best and most versatile monitor available. This screen allows Chocotaco to play in a WQHD resolution of 2560×1440 at 165Hz.

Chocotaco Mousepad

Chocotaco uses the Logitech G640 mousepad. Its dimensions are 18.11 x 15.75 inches. This mousepad is great for recoil management on PUBG and perfectly fits Chocotaco plays tyle.


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