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Braexco on PUBG

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René Rehling is a German professional PUBG player for the G2 Team. He is known as Braexco in game and on Twitch.

Braexco qualified for the PUBG Europe League (PEL) with team PENTA with some extraordinary plays.

He also won the OMEN Trophy in 2018.

Braexco is a great player that speaks both German and English on his Twitch channel. He has recently gained viewers as a result of his performances on the pro scene.

Braexco PUBG setup



Braexco PUBG mouse sensitivity and settings

Mouse DPI700
Polling Rate1000 Hz
Vertical sensitivity1.00

Braexco PUBG video settings

Refresh Rate144Hz
Anti-AliasingVery low
Post-processingVery low
ShadowsVery low
TexturesVery low
EffectsVery low
FoliageVery low
View distanceVery low

Braexco PUBG setup analysis

Braexco is an excellent FPS player and a beast on PUBG in particular. He often gets over 5 personal eliminations in tournament games against other professional players which helps his team tremendously.

His recent performances with the PENTA team are impressive. He is one of the main reason his team qualified for the PUBG pro league.

Braexco Mouse

Braexco’s mouse is the ZOWIE EC2-A. The EC2-A is one of the most commonly use mouse among FPS and TPS pro players who are not sponsored by a manufacturer. This mouse is plug & play and does not require drivers to function. The DPI settings are set directly from the mouse itself.

Braexco Keyboard

Braexco uses a Lioncast LK200. This keyboard has a QWERTZ layout which is common in Germany. The LK200 is hard to get a hold on outside of Europe.

Braexco Headset

Braexco’s headset is the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro. These headphones are great to locate your opponents in PUBG and in other Battle Royale games.

Braexco Monitor

Braexco uses the BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P. Like many streamers, Braexco uses several screens but uses the XL2411P as his main gaming display. This monitor has a 144Hz refresh rate on a Full HD resolution which is excellent for fast paced action games and FPS.

Braexco Mousepad

Braexco’s mousepad is the ZOWIE G-SR. This gaming mat is great for FPS players to guarantee a smooth surface for your mouse movements.

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