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Surefour on Overwatch

Surefour settings setup overwatch pro player streamer Twitch

Lane Roberts, also known as Surefour, is a canadian pro player on Overwatch. He is part of the Los Angeles Gladiators and was previously a member of Cloud9.

He was the first player to reach a rating of 80 in competitive games.

Surefour is a DPS main and mostly plays Widowmaker, Tracer, Soldier 76, McCree and Sombra.

His online alias was randomly generated by the Xbox Live and he has kept it ever since.

He is active on Twitch and has over 250000 followers.

Surefour Overwatch setup


Surefour Overwatch mouse sensitivity and settings

Mouse polling rate500Hz
Game sensitivity2.00

Surefour Overwatch video settings

Display ModeFull Screen
Refresh Rate240 Hz
Render Scale100%

Surefour Overwatch Crosshair

TypeCrosshairsShow accuracyOff
ColorNeon GreenThickness2
Crosshair Length12Center Gap10
Opacity100Dot Size2
Dot Opacity0 

Surefour Overwatch setup analysis

Before becoming a pro, Surefour was a MOBA player. He used to play League of Legends, Dota 2 and Heroes of the Storm. He then started to play First Person Shooters such as Call of Duty and Counter-Strike and he kept playing other competitive games.

Surefour participated in his first tournaments on Titanfall and Dirty Bomb. All this training most likely helped him hone his skill and his accuracy.

He became a pro on Overwatch as a DPS main. He can switch to any of the DPS characters without effort and is very versatile.

Surefour Mouse

Surefour uses a Logitech G Pro. This mouse is great for First Person Shooters and was designed for competitive gaming. Its small size and weight are perfect for quick flick shots. The PMW3366 optical sensor is well known on the competitive scene as one of the most reliable on the market. A gaming mouse is your best tool to shine in online shooters, especially as a DPS main. Surefour is using the G Pro because it suits his playstyle perfectly.

Surefour Keyboard

Surefour’s keyboard is the Logitech G810. This keyboard is reliable, durable and is perfect for gamers who are not into superfluous features. Surefour uses many Logitech products and therefore, he does not need to run multiple configuration programs from other manufacturers. The G810 uses Romer-G mechanical switches.

Surefour Headset

Surefour has a Logitech G633 headset. It has an excellent sound spatialization which allows Surefour to spot his enemies easily. The value for money of this headset is great and will suit you if you are looking to upgrade or replace yours.

Surefour Monitor

Surefour’s monitor is the Asus PG258Q. This is simply one of the best gaming monitor for competitive play. It is also one of the gaming screen we recommend if you are looking for a new 240Hz monitor. Many of the pro players use this refresh rate as it helps them get their kills.

Surefour Mousepad

Surefour’s gaming mat is the Zowie G-SR. This mousepad is used to enhance the performance of your mouse’s sensor. At the pro level, every detail counts which is why Surefour uses this gaming mat.

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