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MrFreshAsian on Fortnite

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Harley Campbell is a Fortnite streamer on Twitch known as MrFreshAsian. He was previsouly a member of Renegades.

MrFreshAsian is a streamer with a positive attitude and a fascination with cucumbers. Many of his channel’s emotes are related to the plant.

He is also known for making videos where he carries kids to the Victory Royale. Some of those videos have reached over 1 million views on his Youtube channel.

MrFreshAsian is half Australian half Chinese. He does not use a cam during his streams.

MrFreshAsian creator code is “Fresh”.

MrFreshAsian Fortnite setup



MrFreshAsian Fortnite mouse sensitivity and settings

Mouse polling rate1000Hz
Targeting sensitivity0.747
Scope sensitivity0.747

MrFreshAsian Fortnite keybinds

WallMouse button 5
StairsMouse button 4
Building editL-Shift

MrFreshAsian Fortnite video settings

Window ModeFull Screen
Display Resolution1920 x 1080
Frame Rate Limit144FPS
3D Resolution1920 x 1080
View DistanceEpic
Post ProcessingLow

MrFreshAsian Fortnite setup analysis

MrFreshAsian is a skilled streamer that can hold his own in Solo vs Squad. When he is not playing solo, he usually teams up with other Australian streamers such as Lazarbeam, Loserfruit and Muselk in Duos or Squads.

He likes to make videos where he challenges himself to win the game with some restrictions such as only looting from eliminations.

MrFreshAsian Mouse

MrFreshAsian uses a FinalMouse Air 58. Finalmouse is known to design its mouses to be some of the best for fast paced FPS and TPS games. Unfortunately, these mouses are also out of stock most of the time. If you are looking for an alternative with similar specs, the Logitech G Pro is a good option.

MrFreshAsian Keyboard

MrFreshAsian’s keyboard is the HyperX Alloy Elite RGB. This HyperX keyboard is one of their best. Its frame is made of steel and is overall very sturdy, the mechanical switches used are from Cherry MX and the customization options are extensive using the NGenuity software.

MrFreshAsian Headset

MrFreshAsian uses the HyperX Cloud II. This headset is very reliable and widely used in the gaming world. It is very comfortable to wear, can isolate you well from outside noises and the sound quality is good for its price range.

MrFreshAsian Monitor

MrFreshAsian’s screen is the Acer Predator XB241H. This 24″ Full HD monitor is well suited for gaming. Its 144Hz refresh rate can be overclocked to 180Hz which is useful if your setup can follow the same amount of frames per second.

MrFreshAsian Mousepad

MrFreshAsian uses a HyperX Fury S Pro. This is one of the most common gaming mat among streamers and pro players. The Fury S Pro is available in various sizes to accomodate your mouse sensitivity and needs.


  1. his ultralight phantom broke and got a finalmouse air 58 in chery blossom red and cherry blossom blue

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