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Hamlinz on Fortnite

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Darryle “Hamlinz” Hamlin is a pro player and streamer on Fortnite. He joined Team SoloMid (TSM) after an invitation by Myth.

Hamlinz started his streamer’s career with Runescape when he was only 8 years old. He then started streaming FPS games such as Call of Duty and finally ended on Fortnite where he became very successful.

Hamlinz participated in many Fortnite tournaments. He won the BoomTV Code Red organised by DrDisrespect.

Hamlinz Fortnite setup



Hamlinz Fortnite mouse sensitivity and settings

Mouse polling rate1000Hz
Targeting sensitivity0.65
Scope sensitivity0.70

Hamlinz Fortnite keybinds

FloorMouse button 5
StairsMouse button 4
Building editG

Hamlinz Fortnite video settings

Window ModeFull Screen
Display Resolution1920 x 1080
Frame Rate LimitUnlimited
3D Resolution1920 x 1080
View DistanceEpic
Post ProcessingLow

Hamlinz Fortnite setup analysis

Hamlinz mainly streams Solo and Duo games on his Twitch Channel. He often teams up with Daequan or Myth when they are available.

He is an aggressive player that does not hesitate to rush his opponents.

His setup is very much Logitech oriented like most TSM members.

Hamlinz Mouse

Hamlinz uses a Logitech G Pro Wireless. This ambidextrous wireless mouse has many qualities. Its HERO 16K optical is the latest from Logitech and is very reliable. The G Pro wireless only weights 80g and features 4 to 8 programmable buttons.

Hamlinz Keyboard

Hamlinz’s keyboard is the Logitech G Pro. The G Pro is a solid tenkeyless keyboard. It uses Romer-G mechanical switches like many of newer Logitech models.

Hamlinz Headset

Hamlinz uses the Logitech G Pro Headset. This headset offers a very good price to quality ratio. It was designed so as to give gamers the best sound spatialization possible to help locate footsteps or gun shots.

Hamlinz Monitor

Hamlinz’s screen is the BenQ XL2411P. This 24″ display is affordable and is equipped with a technology that allows for a better lighting of dark areas of the screen. This is a Full HD (1920×1080) monitor with a 144Hz refresh rate which is ideal for gamers.

Hamlinz Mousepad

Hamlinz uses a Logitech G640. This gaming mat is Logitech’s main model and is recommended to use with one of their mouses. It leaves plenty of space to move your mouse around even if you are a low DPI player.

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