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Thomas Mulligan is an American streamer and pro player known as 72hrs. He is currently part of Team Liquid and was previously a member of the FaZe clan.

72hrs is a talented Fortnite player who participated in multiple tournaments in 2018. He has won several hundred thousand dollars as a result of his performances.

He finished second in the Solo North American final of the Winter Royale organized by Epic Games.

72hrs creator code is “72hrs”

72hrs Fortnite setup



72hrs Fortnite mouse sensitivity and settings

Mouse polling rate1000Hz
Targeting sensitivity0.4
Scope sensitivity0.4

72hrs Fortnite keybinds

UseMouse button 5
Building editF

72hrs Fortnite video settings

Window ModeFull Screen
Display Resolution1920 x 1080
Frame Rate Limit240 FPS
3D Resolution1350 x 1080
View DistanceNear
Post ProcessingLow

72hrs Fortnite setup analysis

72hrs is a pro player who has already shown that he is among the best by joining successively the FaZe Clan and Team Liquid, 2 of the biggest teams on the Fortnite esport scene.

He is a very proactive player that looks for his opponents from the start of the game. He is also very proficient with traps.

72hrs Mouse

72hrs uses a Finalmouse Air58. The Air58 is hard to find due to a very low supply. If you are looking for a similar mouse, we suggest the Logitech G Pro which has similar characteristics in terms of accuracy and weight.

72hrs Keyboard

72hrs keyboard is the Logitech G Pro. This mechanical keyboard is used by many pro players because of both its durability and reliability. The G Pro is equipped with Logitech’s Romer-G switches.

72hrs Headset

72hrs uses the HyperX Cloud Alpha. HyperX headsets have a good reputation among gamers for having a good price to quality ratio. The Cloud Alpha provides excellent sound quality and is very comfortable.

72hrs Monitor

72hrs screen is the Alienware AW2518H. This 240hz monitor is one of the top of the range models in the Full HD display segment. The AW2518H is designed to give your the best possible image fluidity for gaming.

72hrs Mousepad

72hrs uses a Glorious PC Large mat. The Glorious PC gaming race brand has established itself in the highly competitive mousepad market by offering quality models optimized for gamers. This mat is designed to make it easier for your mouse to slide while retaining excellent control.

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