PUBG update: Some major balance changes

pubg update 27

This new update, available on the test server, announces the release of the season 3 “Wild Hunt” Battle pass and some surprising changes to weapons.

As all PUBG players know, any changes to PUBG weapons can have a drastic impact on how the game is played. Considering the skill level in PUBG mostly relies on your ability to handle your weapon, any change can affect the meta.

In this update, a new gun is released and some well known weapons are completely rebalanced.

The new MP5K SMG

pubg MP5K weapon smg vector vikendi

The new MP5K replaces the Vector on the Vikendi map. It uses 9mm ammo and has similar characteristics and gun handling as the Vector. The main difference is that the MP5K does more damage per bullet but has a slower firing rate and overall DPS. It’s easier to handle than the Vector and has more bullets (30 and 40 with an extended magazine).

This SMG seems very interesting and some players will be disappointed that it is a Vikendi exclusive.

The SMGs rebalance

The UMP9 is dead, long live the UMP45!


PUBG Corporation has made changes to the beloved UMP9 in a surprising way in an attempt to transform it to a 45 caliber weapon. The new UMP45 uses 45 ACP ammo in a 25 capacity magazine (35 with extended mag). Gunshot sounds have also been modified.

The Vector makes the reverse trip to become a 9mm gun. The magazine capacity is now set at 19 (33 with extended mag) and its damage is reduced from 34 to 31. The Vector should benefit a lot from its magazine upgrade despite this DPS decrease.

vector PUBG

Both guns were pretty much balanced and these changes come off as surprising by the community. It’s still interesting to see that PUBG Corporation does not see PUBG’s weapon stats as set in stone.

Another big change that was announced is that pistol attachments can now be used on SMGs. This is a huge buff to submachine guns since it will much easier to have a fully kitted SMG now.

PUBG corporation did the same thing for assault rifles and sniper rifles a while ago and that change was very popular.

Sniper Rifles damage increases

awm pubg

Good news to all the sharpshooters out there, the SRs have been modified to deal a lot more damage to the body, from 110% to 150%. This increase in damage is incredible and no doubt many players will find it unwarranted.

SRs were already very powerful and many pro players use them in eSport competitions such as the Pro European League (PEL). Streamers also called the buff to SRs as unreasonable. Time will tell if they were right.

M16A4 and MK47 mutant buff

mutant mk47 pubg

Both of these weapons are not fan favorites. They act as a replacement to DMRs without being as good as them.

They are both benefiting from a buff in this update as they can now be used with a Tactical Stock that decrease their recoil recovery, animation kick and weapon sway while improving ADS speed and hipfire accuracy.

Finally, the M16A4 has its initial recoil decreased in burst mode.

Those changes are good but we don’t believe this will be enough to get them back in the meta. At close range, there will still be a delay between bursts so they will not be able to compete with full auto weapons. For long distance fights, having a DMR will still be better, especially since SRs damage are improved in this update.

Tactical stocks also get an indirect buff even though they were already one of the best accessory in the game. It is pretty much worthwhile to always loot tactical stocks as they can now be used on most weapons.

Changes to the Flare Gun

flare gun PUBG

The introduction of flare guns got a lukewarm reaction from the fans. PUBG Corporation reacted to the feedback and made some necessary changes.

The icons that were polluting the minimap and the in game announcement are now gone and only 3 flare guns will spawn in average on a given map.

Finally, the planes will now fly higher as to reduce the sound inconvenience of having regular air drops.

This is an important change because it also means that you will have more time to spot air drops. It might also mean that you will be able to tell the difference between a regular drop and a player drop.

First aids healing is no longer instant

Another surprising change. First aid will not get you to full health instantly.

This is beneficial to aggressive players who will have a better chance to finish their opponents by rushing them while they heal behind cover.

Erangel loot changes

erangel pubg

The long awaited Erangel loot changes are now available on the test servers.

The number of ARs, DMRs, LMGs and SMGs spawning have been increased on the loot table. Overall, sought-after weapons will be 41% more likely to spawn on Erangel which is exactly what a large part of the community has been asking. Meds and armors will also be slightly more common.

If these changes are satisfactory, PUBG Corp might do the same for Miramar in the future.


Remember that all these changes are still on the test servers. If the feedback is negative, PUBG corporation might review their plans accordingly.

The full patch notes can be found here.

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