PUBG : Erangel loot rebalance available on the test servers

The PUBG community has been asking it for a while now, a rebalancing of Erangel’s loot will finally happen.

PUBG Corporation is going to adjust the spawn rate of weapons on the original PUBG map over the course of several months, starting today on the test servers.

The developers team has been analyzing the loot data from the PUBG’s esport competitions and has noticed that some areas of the map were poorly supplied in assault rifles and “good” weapons.


erangel loot rebalance stats

The modifications will be made over several months. The first wave of changes includes a significant reduction in the appearance rate of handguns, accessories and grenades.

PUBG Corporation will be trying to make changes to Erangel while keeping the map’s uniqueness. They do not want for Erangel to simply become a larger Sanhok.

Adjustments will be made based on the player’s feedback on the test servers.

Unless any issue arise, these changes should appear on the live servers at the end of March or early April.

According to the reactions on Reddit and Steam, these changes are highly anticipated by PUBG’s players. They are both eager to try out the changes and hopeful it will make Erangel more fun.

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