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Fortnite 8.11 update: Flint-Knock Pistol and more!

fortnite 8.11 update

Fortnite 8.11 update is here with its lot of new contents!

Flint-Knock Pistol

First and foremost, the new Flint-Knock Pistol weapon. This pistol uses heavy ammunitions and has 2 rarity levels. The common version inflicts 82 damages with a single shot and recharging takes 3,2 seconds. The uncommon version inflicts 90 damages and recharges slightly faster with 3 seconds. Either way, the Flint-Knock Pistol is a slow weapon. Don’t miss out your shots and aim for the head!

fortnite flint-stone pistol flint stone

This new Pistol can also knock back either the shooter or the victim if he is close enough. You can cancel the knock back effect as the shooter if you crouch.

It’s perfect to put some distance between your opponent and yourself. Especially if you are getting rushed.

The Impulse Grenade

The impulse grenade was previously exclusive to the creative mode. Its main use is to push all players and vehicles back around its point of impact.

fortnite impulse grenade

What’s new is that the force of the effect has been considerably increased against vehicles by 344%. Meanwhile, explosive weapons have had their knock back effects increased by 244% on these same vehicles.

It looks like Epic Games is trying to find countermeasures to vehicles in Fortnite.

One Shot Mode

One Shot mode is now available in Fortnite. The rules are as follow. Each player has 50 hitpoints and can only use shotguns and snipers. Players can only heal with bandages.

Coincidentally, the snipers have had their damages slightly increased to encourage players to pick them up.

One last difference is that gravity is much lower in this mode. This makes it so you can jump very high. Obviously, your goal is to make as many kills as you can while using gravity to your advantage.

Blackheart Cup qualifications

The Blackheart Cup is confirmed for March 23rd and 24th. The cash price is set to $100,000.

The qualifications will take place through the Gauntlet solo and duo tournaments. If you want to get your chance, you will need to finish in the overall top 3% of a Gauntlet.

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