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Cloud9 is jumping into Apex Legends

C9 roster cloud9

The American esports organization Cloud9 has announced its roster for Apex Legends following the rising number of tournaments on the game.

The roster was presented by Sneaky, another member of C9, in a video on Twitter.

It includes Frexs (Wraith), Grego (Pathfinder/Lifeline), PVPX (Bangalore) and Chappie (Lifeline/Bangalore).

Frexs and Chappie are both experienced pro players who already represented Cloud9 on PUBG.

It will be interesting to see if other teams make the jump and which roster they will choose. Apex Legends is an increasingly popular game and its esports scene should flourish as a result.

NRG was the first to make moves to recruit Dizzy back in early February. No doubt other organizations will make announcements of their own soon.

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