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Apex Legends Tier List: Who to main in Apex

apex legends tier list

Apex Legends is a 60 persons Battle Royale in which you and your 2 teammates must reach first place out of 20 teams. With the recent addition of Octane, 9 Legends are now available to play. Seeing as though we have already detailed the weapons of the game in another guide, we will now focus on its characters using a Tier List system.


Apex Legend characters tier list octane wraith lifeline pathfinder bloodhound bangalore mirage gibraltar caustic


S rank – Apex Legends Tier List


wraith tier list meilleur personnage apex legends

Wraith main characteristics

Wraith is the most played character in Apex Legends. Many streamers and pro players choose her as their main because of her small size. Wraith has the smallest hitbox in the game and is harder to shoot at than any other Legends. She also has some very good abilities.

Voices from the void – Wraith Passive ability

Wraith passive ability makes it so she can know when she is being targeted by enemies. An inner voice is heard telling her of the looming danger. Unlike the Bloodhound scan, Wraith does not know where her enemies are located with this ability. A far away sniper that is trying to aim his shot properly will trigger the voice but a close enemy that is not actively looking for Wraith will not. Wraith can also hear the voices warning her when she gets close to one of Caustic’s trap. When this passive triggers, you can warn your teammates by pressing H (default keybind).

Wraith’s passive is far from useless and can warn her and her team that she is in view of an opposing team.

Into the void – Wraith Tactical ability

Every 25 seconds, Wraith can make herself invulnerable for a limited time. She then become a ray of light that can be seen and followed by her pursuers. This ability is probably the most useful of her kit. It allows her to disengage from a fight and to reposition towards her teammates. Wraith can also use this ability offensively to get close to an enemy with a close range weapon such as the Peacekeeper or the R-99. “Into the void” prevents Wraith from taking damage from the ultimates of Bangalore, Gibraltar and Caustic but also from grenades and even when she is outside the current playing area (in the damage zone).

This tactical ability takes a short time to activate, during which she can suffer damage.

Dimensional Rift – Wraith Ultimate ability

Wraith can create a dimensional portal that can be used for 60 seconds. This ultimate ability becomes available after 150 seconds. The portal can be used in many ways: Offensively, to retreat or to provide a shortcut to a latecomer. Everyone, including your enemies and dying players, can use the portal. A downed teammate can take the portal to get to a safe location and you can also set up traps by ambushing enemies following. Grenades and other projectiles do not pass through the portal.

Wraith Rating: 8/10

Wraith is a S rank Legend with a small hitbox, a useful passive, one of the best tactical ability and a good situational ultimate.


Lifeline classement meilleurs personnages apex legends

Lifeline main characteristics

Lifeline is a very popular Legend among professional teams. Her hitbox is on the smaller side, not far from Wraith’s.

Lifeline can improve her team in many ways thanks to her support abilities.

Combat Medic – Lifeline Passive ability

Lifeline’s passive ability is very useful to her team and herself. When reviving a downed teammate, Lifeline sets up an invulnerable shield in front of her that prevents her enemies from finishing him or hitting her. Much like Gibraltar’s dome shield, Lifeline’s is bullet and grenade proof, although she can still be hit from above or behind her.

One other aspect of the Combat Medic ability is that Lifeline can use any item from her inventory (including shield and health kits) 25% faster.

This bonus does not stack with the 50% from the legendary backpack you can loot but that does not change the fact that this 25% innate bonus is very valuable.

DOC Heal Drone – Lifeline Tactical ability

The DOC Heal Drone is a small robot that Lifeline can activate to heal anyone (even enmies) within reach by 5 health per second for 20 seconds. This tactical ability takes 1 minute to recharge. The drone is limited to 200 health restored before it vanishes.

This tactical ability is very strong because it allows Lifeline and her teammates to recharge their shields while healing. Combined with her 25% speed boost on using shields and health kits, Lifeline can get back to full health in no time.

Care Package – Lifeline Ultimate ability

Every 360 seconds, Lifeline can call a Care Package that will give her team and herself 3 items.

All Care Package contains:

  • 1 epic piece of equipment. This can be either a Knockdown Shield (40%), an Helmet (30%) or a Body Shield (30%).
  • 1 shield or health item. This includes shield cells, syringes, a shield battery, a health kit or a phoenix kit depending on many times the zone has shrunk.
  • 1 weapon accessory which can be a scope, a Hop-Up, a stock, a barrel, a shotgun bolt or an extended magazine.

Lifeline’s Care Package cannot include legendary weapons such as the Kraber or the Mastiff. These can only be found in regular packages. You can distinguish these packages from Lifeline’s by their colors. They are white and red while Lifeline’s are white and blue.

This ultimate may not be the most useful during a battle but it is great to get some much needed loot. Your teammates are likely to spam you with every Ultimate Accelerant they will find so that you can call your Care Packages more often. The only downside of this Ultimate ability is the fact that other teams will know your approximate location from the sound and the smoke of the Care Package dropping.

Lifeline’s care packages were nerfed within the first month of Apex Legends launch. It was previously possible to obtain legendary armor pieces and weapons from them.

Lifeline rating: 8/10

Lifeline is a great support Legend that can heal herself and her teammates. Her passive ability is arguably the best in the game currently. Lifeline’s hitbox is small enough to give you an edge over your opponents. Any team can benefit from having a Lifeline in its midst.


A rank – Apex Legends Tier List


octane tier list meilleur personnage apex legends

Octane main characteristics

Octane is a popular character in Apex Legends. He is extremely mobile and his hitbox is not as large as most. Octane is not particularly small but he is very thin and that makes him harder to shoot at.

Swift Mend – Octane Passive ability

Octane passively regenerates 1 hitpoint every 2 seconds when he is not shot at. This may seems low but it is actually very useful in game for two reasons. On one hand, it means that Octane will not have to use as many health kits as other Legends. On the other hand, combined with his speed boosting Tactical Ability, he can actually heal himself while looting faster.

Adrenaline Junkie – Octane Tactical ability

Octane can activate this ability to move 30% faster for 6 seconds at a cost of 10 health. The timer to reuse this ability is only of 2 seconds which means you can practically stay under the effect of Adrenaline Junkie all the time. Octane cannot kill himself using this ability.

This ability is overall very good to loot, gain more mobility during a fight or to retreat. It is also useful to stay somewhat mobile while using health or shield items.

Launch Pad – Octane Ultimate ability

Octane can drop a Launch Pad on the map that can catapult any character in the air. The charging time of this ultimate is 90 seconds. This launch pad allows you to reach difficult areas or to jump over walls to rush your enemies. Although this is not as useful as Pathfinder’s ziplines, it can used to surprise your opponents or to help your downed teamates get to a safe area. This ultimate ability is rarely decisive but is fun to use.

Octane rating: 7/10

Octane is an excellent Legend with a great passive and a tactical ability that combine perfectly. He can be classified as A tier. He has no real downside and picking him is a good choice regardless of the team’s setup.



pathfinder classement meilleurs personnages apex legends

Pathfinder main characteristics

Pathfinder is an intelligent robot belonging to the MRVN category (Mobile Robotic Versatile eNtity). He is characterized by an unfailing enthusiam even in perillous situations. Despite a recent change to his hitbox, it remains on the larger side. Pathfinder is not picked for his hitbox but rather his extraordinary mobility.

Insider Knowledge – Pathfinder Passive ability

Pathfinder can hack into surveillance towers to find out the next ring’s location. This may seem useless but it can be useful during the late game where positioning yourselves correctly can be advantageous. With this information you can choose to wait for your enemies to arrive knowing you will not have to move.

Grappling Hook – Pathfinder Tactical ability

Every 13 seconds, Pathfinder can use his grapple. This grapple can be hooked to walls, buildings, the ground and even your enemies. The range is decent and using it to its maximum will maximize its effect. Here are a few tips to use the grapple:

  • Using your grapple on the floor and jumping right after it hits the ground will catapult you very high into the air. Using the maximum range of the grapple will allow you to move even farther.
  • While grappling always go forward and strafe away from where the grapple hits if you want to rotate around.
  • When using it to get to higher grounds, immediately look to one side after launching it and slowly bring the camera back toward where the grapple landed. This, in combination with hitting the forward and strafe keys, will allow you to reach higher areas.
  • Using the grapple on a zipline will grab unto it. This was added in an update after the release of the game.
  • Sliding right after landing allows you to gain a lot of speed.
  • Turning the camera by more than 90° will cancel the grapple.
  • Crouching will cancel the grapple. Be very careful not to crouch too early, you could kill yourself in some areas of the map!

This tactical ability is often the reason why people choose to play Pathfinder. His grapple is hard to master but moving around the map with it is very rewarding. Pathfinder is the most mobile Legends along with Octane.

Ziplin Gun – Pathfinder Ultimate ability

Every 90 seconds, Pathfinder can fire a zipline. Like others on the map, it can be used to reach distant and hard to reach locations quickly. This is great to reposition quickly or to help a latecomer reach the team. Using a zipling can be somewhat dangerous as your enemies can shoot you if they manage to track your movements accurately.

Anyone can take Pathfinder’s ziplines so be wary when creating them!

Pathfinder rating: 7/10

Pathfinder is a very fun Legend to play. His mobility is off the chart but he is hard to master. Good Pathfinders are usually hard to hit even though his hitbox is not the best. Respawn has hinted that they might reduce the hitbox of larger characters once again and Pathfinder would definitely benefit a lot from that change.


B rank – Apex Legends Tier List


bloodhound tier list meilleur personnage apex legends

Bloodhound main characteristics

Bloodhound is a peculiar character in Apex Legends. She is the only one that is part of the tracker category currently in the game. She can spot other Legends on the map by following their tracks. Her hitbox is average sized compared to the other characters.

Tracker – Bloodhound Passive ability

Bloodhound is currently the only character that can see the tracks of other Legends. Any tracks that are at most 60 seconds old appear on her screen. This includes:

  • Any movements and wall climbs.
  • Actions such as opening doors or loot crates.
  • Traces of battles including shots fired, grenades uses or health/shield items used.
  • Skills that have been activated recently.

Players using Bloodhound can ping the icons showing on their screen to warn their teammates of enemy activity. It is possible to see how cold are the tracks to know if enemies are close or not. This passive ability is very useful to hunt other teams and get the information that enemies are close.

Eye of the Allfather – Bloodhound Tactical ability

Bloodhound can perform a scan within a 15 meter radius every 35 seconds. This scan allows Bloodhound to highlight any enemies in the vicinity in front of her. Any enemies successfully scanned appear on her screen and on her teammates’. The scan shows the enemies’ positions at the exact moment it was performed. This tactical ability is easily detected by others within range as they can see the orange glow from the scan’s ability.

Eye of the Allfather is rarely decisive since it only tells you where the enemies were at the time of the scan. They might, and probably will, move after your scan so you will never get an exact location. When using this ability, the orange glow will make you an easy target, even from afar. This tactical ability should only be used if you are suspecting a camper in a building as this will likely force him to move from his spot.

Beast of the Hunt – Bloodhound Ultimate ability

This ultimate ability can be used every 180 seconds. Beast of the Hunt changes Bloodhound vision so that she sees in black and white with enemies highlighted in red. Her movements also become 30% faster and she is not affected by the recoil of weapons when shooting.

Bloodhound’s ultimate is one of the best in Apex Legends because it lets her know the location of enemies from afar. This can be useful at any time during the game but is particularly good late game. Knowing where your enemies are before they spot you is extremely useful for you and your team.

The only downside of this ultimate ability is the fact that Bloodhound makes a lot of noise when activating Beast of the Hunt. This can warn other players that you are onto them or alert other teams of your presence. Do not hesitate to use this ultimate in advance to try and spot teams from distance.

Bloodhound rating: 6/10

Bloodhound is a very useful character in any team because of her tracking abilities. Her passive and ultimate can give your team a huge advantage if used correctly. However, Bloodhound has no defensive or mobility skills that would allow her to disengage or retreat easily. She is a real asset in any team willing to follow her as a leader but is otherwise a bit lacking during fights.



bangalore classement meilleurs personnages apex legends

Bangalore main characteristics

Bangalore is a combat oriented Legend that has many useful abilities to help win a fight. Her passive ability lets her run faster when shot at and she can launch smoke grenades which are very useful to her team. Bangalore’s hitbox is also decently small compared to other Legends.

Double Time – Bangalore Passive ability

Bangalore gets a 30% movement bonus for 2 seconds when she is shot at. This is very useful to either withdraw faster or rush the other team while dodging bullets. In duels, it also lets her move faster than other Legends while Aiming Down Sight (ADS).

Smoke Launcher – Bangalore Tactical ability

Bangalore’s Smoke Launcher contains 2 grenades that can be used on the battlefield. Every 16 seconds, a new grenade is available to use. Enemies covered by smoke are very hard to see unless you have a Digital Threat. Grenades can be used either to retreat, to help a downed teammate get up or offensively.

This tactical ability is particularly useful if you have a Digital Threat as you will be able to easily see your opponents through smoke while they are blinded. Smokes can also do 10 damage on impact but this is rarely useful.

Rolling Thunder – Bangalore Ultimate ability

Bangalore’s ultimate ability allows her to call in artillery fire every 270 seconds. Once Rolling Thunder is used, bombs will drop in a large area and explode a few seconds later causing damage and slowing anyone caught in the blast.

This ultimate is best used defensively as the bombs take a bit too long to explode, allowing your enemies to run and disperse. It is also very good to deny an area which can be useful late game when ring damage will be high.

Bangalore rating: 6/10

Bangalore is a very useful Legend that can have an impact during team fights. Her hitbox is good and both her passive and tactical abilities can come handy. However, her ultimate ability is a bit lacking and can even become an annoyance to your teammates.


C rank – Apex Legends Tier List


mirage tier list meilleur personnage apex legends

Mirage main characteristics

Mirage is one of the character that is not immediately playable. He can be unlocked with 2 types of in game currencies (won in game or through an in-game purchase). Mirage is one the most amusing Legend in his attitude and his in game quips. His hitbox is small and advantageous. Mirage’s main abilities rely on fooling his enemies with holographic clones. Although this was quite effective right after the game’s launch, few people are now falling for his tricks.

Encore! – Mirage Passive ability

When Mirage is downed, a clone image appears in his place and he becomes transparent for 5 seconds. This passive ability is supposed to allow him to escape to safety. In reality, most people now know that the real Mirage is crawling to a safe spot and they won’t bother shooting the clone.

Psyche Out- Mirage Tactical ability

Every 15 seconds, Mirage can launch a clone image that will move toward a designated location. If the clone is shot, Mirage will gain intel on the shooter’s location. This was very effective at the start of the game since people had not unlocked Mirage yet. Now everyone knows that a Mirage running in a straight line in the middle of nowhere is a clone. One of the best use for this ability is to launch your clone to try and trap your enemies with the sound of the footsteps it makes.

Vanishing Act – Mirage Ultimate ability

Mirage can deploy a team of clones around him, making him harder to spot while he becomes transparent for 3 seconds.

Unfortunately, the clones will not move from their original location, meaning they are not very useful to fool the enemy into thinking you are actually one of them. This ultimate protects Mirage by cluttering his opponents’ screens at most. It is best used defensively as a way to retreat.

Mirage rating: 4/10

Mirage is a likeable character and the notion of him being as master of deception is interesting but his skills are poorly implemented and he could use some work. One of the only upside to him is his hitbox that is above average (but not the best).



gibraltar classement meilleurs personnages apex legends

Gibraltar main characteristics

Gibraltar is currently the Legend with the worst hitbox in the game (even though it was reduced in an update). He is the largest and tallest character in the game. Despite this shortcoming, his defensive abilities somewhat mitigate his weaknesses.

Gun Shield – Gibraltar Passive ability

When Aiming Down Sight, Gibraltar activates his personal shield that protects the upper part of his body for 50 hitpoints. This shield can be spotted from afar and can be deactivated by pressing the H key (default). When his shield is broken, it slowly recharges. Using shield cells or batteries reduce the recharge rate of Gun Shield.

This shield is on the weak side and does not compensate enough for his gigantic hitbox.

Dome of Protection – Gibraltar Tactical ability

Gibraltar can deploy an indestructible Dome of Protection that recharges in 20 seconds. The Dome stays active for 15 seconds and can stop any kind of attack, either from within or from outside. This can be very useful if your team has no cover available, to help a downed teammate get up or to force a close range fight inside the dome.

Defensive Bombardment – Gibraltar Ultimate ability

Gibraltar can call in a Defensive Bombardment every 270 seconds. Despite its name, this ultimate ability can also be used offensively and does a better job than Bangalore’s at damaging enemies. The bombing starts almost immediately after the ability is used and it can deal a lot of damage to people in the open. It can also be used in combination with Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection.

Gibraltar rating: 4/10

Gibraltar’s main flaw is his hitbox. He has useful abilities that can help any coordinated team. Respawn Entertainment has said that they will be looking into improving Legends that are not as effective as others and Gibraltar could improve a lot in the future.



caustic tier list meilleur personnage apex legends

Caustic main characteristics

Caustic is one of the characters that has to be unlocked in Apex Legends, much like Mirage and Octane. He is a specialist in the use of a toxic gas called the “Nox”. Caustic is currently the only Legend that can set up traps using his gas canisters. They are triggered when a enemy passes nearby. Caustic’s hitbox is only slightly better than Gibraltar’s.

Teammates are immune to a friendly Caustic’s gas but their movements are nevertheless slowed.

Nox Vision – Caustic Passive ability

Caustic is immune to Nox gas, both his and other Caustics’. Once an enemy is hit by his gas, he is displayed with a green highlight on Caustic’s screen, similar to how enemies turn red when using Bloodhound’s ultimate ability.

Nox Gas Trap – Caustic Tactical ability

Caustic can set up 3 gas traps + 1 every 30 seconds for a maximum of 6 gas canisters deployed at the same time. Once a trap is triggered, it stays activated for 13 seconds.

Enemies caught in the gas take 2 damage + 1 every second up to a maximum of 10. Gas also slows down anyone inside its area of effect and it blurs their vision, making it difficult to aim properly. The only ones immunes are Caustic players.

Damage is not cumulative and it is useless to set up multiple traps in the same location.

Caustic can recover untriggered traps to redeploy them later. It is also possible to disable a trap by shooting near its base (on the red part).

It is not possible to go through traps and they can be used to block doorways which is the reason so many Caustic players want to drop at Bunker.

Nox Gas Grenade – Caustic Ultimate ability

Every 150 seconds, Caustic can launch a Nox Grenade that has the same effect as his tactical ability but with a larger area of effect. The gas will last 20 seconds before fading.

Caustic rating: 3/10

Caustic relies entirely on his gas. Unfortunately, Nox gas is rarely effective except at the very beginning of the game and in confined spaces. Nox traps are mostly useful as a way to warn Caustic’s team when one is triggered or to try and defend in close quarters combat. Much alike Gibraltar, Caustic’s hitbox is his major weakness.


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