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Apex Legends: The value of the season 1 Battlepass

apex legends battlepass saison 1 wild frontier

Apex Legends’ first season “Wild Frontier” and its Battlepass was highly anticipated and many players were eager for Respawn to communicate about it.

As a reminder, know that the Battlepass will be available for 950 Apex coins ($9,50). A second bundle will be available for 2800 Apex coins ($28) and will allow to skip the first 25 levels of the season instantly.

Now that the release of the Battlepass has been announced, its content leaves some players in doubt. Out of its 100 rewards, 20 are badges that are only useful to display the level you reach during the season. Most of these badges will be useless as you grind to level 100. Afterall, why would you ever display your level 10 badge if you reached higher than this?

So is the Battlepass worth its price?

A Reddit user did the math to estimate the value of the rewards that can be obtained with the Battlepass. Assuming you can reach level 100 during the season, the rewards are as follow:

  • 1000 Apex coins
  • 20 rare weapon skins
  • 1 epic weapon skin
  • 3 rare character skins
  • 9 stat trackers
  • 9 intro quips
  • 9 rare banner frames
  • 5 Apex packs
  • 1 Apex pack containing at least 1 epic
  • 1 Apex pack containing at least 1 legendary skin
  • 1 legendary weapon skin for the Havoc

Note that the Havoc’s skin is unique as it evolves according to the number of kills you get with the weapon during the game.

Assuming an Apex pack costs 100 coins, that a legendary skin is worth 1800 coins and that the rest of the rewards are worth 1700 coins, then the total value for the Battlepass would be between 5200 to 7790 coins (depending on the calculation method).

In conclusion, if you are a regular Apex Legends player, the Battlepass remains a solid investment. It will also allow you to buy the next without paying anything more.

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