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Apex Legends: The season 1 Battlepass available today

apex legends season 1 battlepass

After a surprise release in February and over 50 millions players in less than a month, Respawn Entertainment has announced the release of the first Battlepass for Apex Legends.

A new character named Octane will also appear in the game.

Apex Legends Octane new legend

To purchase the season 1 Battlepass “Wild Frontier”, you will have to pay 950 Apex coins. Another bundle is also available for 2800 coins and will allow you to unlock the first 25 levels instantly.

This Battlepass will allow you to unlock “premium” rewards as well the the free rewards to all during your progress. There are 100 rewards available which includes character skins, weapon skins, xp boosts, as well as animations, quips, new executions and banners.

These rewards will only be available during the Season 1. Once the season is over, it will not be possible to get the content associated with the Battlepass again. You will still be able to use the rewards you got during the season.

Attaining level 97 during the season with the Battlepass will let you get enough Apex coins to purchase next season’s Battlepass. This means that if you play Apex Legends enough, you will be able to afford the Battlepasses without spending anything more.

Some players and Reddit users are quite critical of the Season 1 Battlepass because of the lack of legendary skins included in it. Another issue it that 20% of the Battlepass rewards are badges that can be displayed on your character’s banner.

The Battlepass is still worthwhile if you really like the game and if you think you can reach level 100 before the end of the season.


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