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Apex Legends crashes : A thing of the past?

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Apex Legends surprised many people by releasing out of the blue without any teasing. Its success was immediate, with over 50 million players only 1 month after its release.

However, Apex Legends was suffering from stability problems on various setups. Many players experienced crashes that could occur repeatedly. Most appeared during the game with a freeze of a few seconds and a return to Windows.

This frustrated many players and discouraged them from continuing the Apex adventure. Fortunately, with the recent introduction of the first Battle Pass, the situation seems to have changed for the better.

Respawn has updated the game to improve its stability on both Nvidia and AMD GPUs. Players who went back to old drivers to try and prevent crashes can now go back to the manufacturers latests versions.

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After over a month, this is great news for Apex Legends as players can now experience this excellent FPS under better conditions. Has the update definitely solved all stability problems? It is still too early to say. During our tests on 4 gaming PCs, 2 of them experienced crashes every 2 or 3 games. Since the patch we have not crashed once. We hope you will have the same experience. If not, know that Respawn is trying hard to resolve these issues.

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