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Apex Legends Battlepass information and tips

Apex Legends Battlepass pass tips information

Apex Legends released its first Battlepass for the Wild Frontier season yesterday. If you are still on the fence whether or not you should buy the $9.50 (or even the $28) pass, here are some information that could be useful to help you decide.

One of the important deciding factor is whether or not you can reach the maximum level during the season. Reaching level 100 allows you to unlock the most valuable rewards as well as giving you 1000 Apex Coins back that you can stash to buy the season 2 Battlepass.

If would like to know if the Battlepass’ contents itself justify its price, take a look at our article regarding what you can get from it.

Will I reach level 100 before Apex Legends season 1 ends?

A Respawn developer has commented that reaching level 100 on the Battlepass is 25% faster than reaching level 100 on the regular progression system.

We also know that season 2 will start in June 2019 from the official roadmap.

Apex Legends roadmap

With these information and considering the game has been out for a month and a half, you should have no problem reaching level 100 on the Battlepass if you are currently above level 50 on the regular progression system.

The same developer also said that it takes approximately 100 hours to get to level 100 which is about 1 hour per day.

The $28 bundle can help you skip 25 levels, now matter what level you are. It may be worth it if you are a very casual player who wants access to the Season 1 skins before they become unavailable.

How to get more Battlepass experience points

To grind that Battlepass XP faster, you should take a look at the various bonuses you can get in game.

Playing with different Legends give a XP bonus based on your survival time with each. You can get up to 25,000 Battle pass experience points every week. You can check on your progress in the Battle pass tab.

apex legends bonus battlepass pass xp

apex legends bonus battlepass pass xp

There is also a daily bonus (+500 XP) for your first kill with each Legend, meaning you can get 4500 Battle Pass experience points from this every day.

These bonuses will add up and help you get to level 100 faster.

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