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Overwatch Players objectives was founded by video game enthusiasts who have been playing for over 25 years.
We watched esport's development closely and we saw the growth of streaming on platforms such as Twitch and Youtube and decided to create a database from which players would be able to retrieve settings and setups information on demand. We know by experience that these information are often difficult to find and that they are very much sought after. Our goal is also to judge and compare the quality of the PC hardware on the market in light of what the professional players and streamers use. These players are often using the best equipment there is, without marketing concerns, to achieve peak performance. These recommendations can be very useful to make the correct choice when purchasing a new piece of hardware. In the same way that you can get a preview of a game while watching a streamer, you can also see how well their setups are performing and how it contributes to their success.

How do you get the information on settings and setups of pro players and streamers?

All our information on players and articles come from the careful study of their Twitch and Youtube channels, Discord, Twitter and other sources of information on the Internet. We double check every information given to us to be sure it is correct. Obviously, players can change their hardware over time. If you notice any error or change in the settings or setup of a streamer, we would be very grateful if you could let us know by leaving a comment at the bottom of their page. After verification on our part, we will update the information.

How do you choose which piece of hardware to review? How are tests conducted?

We choose which hardware part to review first based on what is the most often commonly used by streamers and pro players. We also check what are the opinions of the gaming community and professionals on specific hardware. Finally, we do our own testing and compare the results to already reviewed PC parts. French version :